‘Who’s Changing the Meaning?’ Wins  Honorable Mention in Coveted 2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Award

2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards


The definitions of our words are changing and we aren’t aware of it. Those who do know are using this information to their advantage. This is their tactic to train people how to act and think. They are manipulating the unsuspecting to shift their beliefs without them knowing it.

They maneuver us through three processes:
Changing the definitions of words,
Interpreting writings from long ago using today’s definitions and
Leaving out information.

How are they changing the definitions of words?

*Discrediting words like Truth to create new ways to lie so they appear to be telling the truth.
*Switching words like Right and Wrong to Appropriate and Inappropriate to get rid of right and wrong altogether.
* Creating concepts like Relativism to do away with truth and reality.

What unchangable writings are being reinterpreted?

*Important national documents like The Declaration of Independence.
*Speeches from long ago like Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
*The very foundation our country was built on.

How does leaving out information affect us?

*Information negligence allows the unsuspectings’ knowledge and opinions to be formed without the benefit of all the facts. The effect is:
*Creates chaos in our society and in the outcome of court cases.
*Conditions the unsuspecting until they believe things they don’t agree with.
*Indoctrinates people to accept the ideologies of those creating the changed definitions.

This book takes you through the changes in definitions and how they are being applied. You will see what something meant at the time of the writing and how it’s being used today. This book reveals how the knowledge, beliefs, and actions of people are being controlled by others.

The good news is an informed mind is an effective mind. The more you are aware of what is happening the less you will be deceived. We are the key to putting a stop to this. We are the ones who can take back control of our lives.

Based on a subject no one talks about!
There has never been a book on this subject!
Find out what is really happening!

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