The Office of the President of the United States

The President of the United States is a powerful and highly respected position. It is the office that makes it so, not the man. There are specific protocols that go with the office. We stand when the President enters the room, we address him in specific ways, we surround him with security and there are special honors and courtesies we extend to him. All these are done because of the position. Men will come and go, but the office will remain the same. We honor the Presidency, which is why we have these formalities.

Then why is there still upheaval about our current President, Donald Trump? Like it or not he is our president. Every election some people will have their choice elected and some won’t. It can be upsetting if your candidate doesn’t win. It’s not uncommon for people to voice their opposition right after the election. It happened with Mr. Barack Obama, and it’s happening to President Trump. What’s puzzling is that a year later Americans are still harassing President Trump. Why?

It’s not good enough to say that your candidate didn’t win. No one would be upset about that this long after the election. If people are still upset then why is that? A fire goes out after a while unless something is fueling it.

A huge push has come from the media. Technology gives us the ability to hear more about things than ever before. The media is filled with trashing President Trump. News reports have something bad to say about our President every day. Television shows (like Samantha Bee) are touting it and celebrities are using their spotlight to push their beliefs on others. It’s to the point that you can’t even watch news shows anymore because of their droning on about our Commander in Chief. There are other things going on in America and the world. Why can’t they let it go?

This is not the first time the media has pushed their views on us. News is no longer a “recent account: fresh information of something that has lately taken place at a distance, or of something before unknown,” as stated in Webster’s First American Dictionary of the English Language. Now news means “the presentation of a report of a recent event.” We aren’t getting what actually happened; instead, it’s about the display of the reviewing entity.

This method has been going on for a long time. We are inundated to their ideology by their constant dribbling over us, with the purpose of changing our mindset. Or better yet, to keep us asleep. Then the worst thing happened to them. The people yelled stop and voted in change. This forced them to alter their plan so as not to lose control. What better way than repeatedly attacking the person who beat out their candidate.

That’s a valid reason why so much negative attention is on our President. A philosophy of hammering into the people a bad picture of President Trump will keep the people from thinking for themselves. And there are always those who will fall for the conditioning.

This isn’t about Donald Trump being our President. It’s about a controlling entity training people what to think. But what it is actually doing is disrespecting the office of The President of the United States and that crosses a line. Rooting against President Trump is rooting against our country. Attacking our President is attacking our country. It hurts us all and damages how other countries perceive us, which is important in maintaining strength. (A fall out of all this is some people think a maniac is at the control panel of our most powerful weapons. It should bring fear to Kim Jong-il, de facto leader of North Korea. It sends the message that right now you really shouldn’t mess with America.)

It’s time to move on. Just like eight years ago when Mr. Obama became president. There were people who didn’t get their choice. We moved forward as a nation. Disrespecting the office doesn’t help our country. Donald Trump is our president. Let him do his job.

It’s easy to criticize others when all we are fed is the negative side. We are more intelligent than that, people who recognize that things need to change. We should hold our media accountable.

We also have our own work to do. We can be better American citizens, family members, friends, neighbors, etc. As our 42nd President stated on the show Conan on November 8, 2017, “Go up to people who are mad at us and say look let’s get over it, we got to live together we got to share this together and if we work together we’ll have better economics, we’ll have better societies and we’ll have a culture we can all be a part of.”

That’s our job. Let our Commander in Chief do his job. The office of the President of the United States is our leader – whoever it is. We, the American people stand by our President.

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